What does it mean to be human? What are humans? What separates us from the animals? Is it our ability to walk on two legs? To Speak? To Read? - To be human is to be able to adapt! The main differentiating factor between us and the animals is our inherent ability to adapt. Why is it that when forests are destroyed by forest fires, or that fields near coastlines are waterlogged because of flooding that the wildlife in those areas tends to die out? - Because they couldn't adapt! Hypothetically speaking, if us humans were in a similar situation, we wouldn't die, and we wouldn't necessarily leave an area we've called home, we would adapt to the changes taking place, and continue to live there in harmony. 

Now here's my two cents; for the last couple centuries, what have humans been doing? - Have we been adapting and evolving to our surroundings? Or have we been creating artificial ones? People may argue that our creating of habitats is human in nature, but I think otherwise. We've stopped growing, we've stopped developing, and we've stopped evolving. In a world where entropy is essential, we've created an artificial equilibrium. For so many generations we've been living in the confines of artificially created habitats for ourselves, that I genuinely believe that we've lost our ability to adapt. Think to yourself, that if for a month you were left in an uninhabited forest, would you be able to survive? Would you be able to tend to your bodily requirements? Would you be able to thrive in that sort of environment? - Of course you wouldn't, no matter how much time you were given, because you've lost your ability to adapt. We all have! It started with industrialization, creation, but it went too far, to the point where we lost our abilities to the hands of creation. 

We've lost our ability to adapt, and thus I believe, we've lost our humanity. What differentiates us from the animals now? Animals would be able to survive in an artificially created habitat too!

It isn't just abnormal, its unnatural.

-Aaditya Ailawadhi

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