Alright, so I haven't posted about anything on here in a while, but in light of recent events, i felt that this was a good time to write about education. I'm 17 years old, just finished the IB Diploma Programme and Graduated High School - Essentially; I'm done with school! Now what I want to talk about is what I've learnt over the course of my school-going life, and this might shock some of you, and some of you may be able to relate entirely.

As a recent graduate from high school, most of my days are currently filled with hours being spent on social media whether it be on my iPhone or my Computer. A lot of my time has also been spent going out to movies with my friends, and hours spent feeling low that everyone I know, I'm probably not going to know only a few short months from now. But the point of this post today is to talk about what I've learnt, and what I, on a personal level, BELIEVE I've learnt - and that is nothing.

Nothing at all - now thats not to say that I can't solve simultaneous mathematical equations without breaking down, or that I can't understand the subtle hidden meanings in texts written by a plethora of authors, but I believe that skills like those could've been learnt by a person dedicated to learning them without attending school.

The reason I say this is because there are many different styles of education. And I would know, I've been fortunate enough to be able to live in and experience the different education systems in different countries over the course of my life. The most recent of which are the IGCSE and IBDP education systems.

There is simply one major flaw with all the education systems today, and that is that they are largely memorisation tests. Everything we've been "taught" doesn't really seem to apply to our day-to-day lives, but is stored in our craniums only to be spilled out onto our examination answer sheets and then its forever forgotten, never to be used again. And that is the critical shortcoming of education today!

Now, you may argue that the IB diploma programme, for example, is a hands-on, project based educational system, and whilst that may be true, the only difference between the IB and other educational systems is that it makes you memorise ideologies and concepts rather than just textual information. And like I said before, that is the critical shortcoming of education today.

I'm not an educational expert, nor do I have decades of experience teaching, analyzing and assessing styles of education quite unlike the people who develop these educational systems, but I do know that after 12 years of going to school, I haven't used anything I've learnt at the institutions I've attended.

This is my personal opinion, and my perception based on my observation and my experiences, you may entirely disagree, and I endorse that! I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is their right! If you do, however, want to talk about this with me, I am now available to talk and would love to discuss education, or virtually anything else you'd like to talk to me about, remember to reach out to me in the 'contact me' section of the website.