Anticipation for America

As a continuation of sorts to my last post about leaving India, this is my summarised experience of immigrating to the United States of America.

Unlike most, I, fortunately or unfortunately have always seen the United States from the perspective of the top 0.1% of the United States. My uncle is the CEO of a large US-Based Multinational Pharmaceutical company, so I can safely say, we're all well taken care of when we stay in the US.

This time, however, is a little different. This time I've immigrated - there's no going back! This is my new home, my new country of residence, and above all; a new chapter. 

Thus far, america's been great! I've always loved coming here, but I do have certain anticipations for my future in this country for as long as I'm here, which does feel like the foreseeable future. 

The American Dream is an aspiration, a goal, a future that can be seen and something that people believe they can work towards, the country known for opportunity, there is, however, a flip side to the coin. America also does have a rather ruthless side to it, a lonely side, one where if you don't make a go of your opportunity, what becomes of your life is, well, let's just say, less than desirable. 

America has a funny way of life. There's a great life, or there's a horrid one, and there's a fine line between getting on the path of a bright future, or getting on the one less desired.

Anticipation is an important factor in the journey to become the future of my life, the concept of the American dream, the idea of failure and the drive to achieve are all important factors to drive my life and make me make a go of my opportunity.

This is my perception, my view and my anticipation of the United States of America.

 "We the People..."